Accounting & Financial Reporting

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Our internal accounting department provides invaluable support to assist clients and tenants
to ensure a successful operation.

Our primary accounting software is QuickBooks, even
though we are fully capable of operating and maintaining any client preferred and provided
management system.

Also, our long term working relationships with numerous local and national financial institutions can help our clients receive banking and insurance options that
may not be available to them otherwise.


Universal Properties services provide detailed accounting and reporting for each property we manage. The following is an overview of our services:

  • Process weekly A/P batches and check runs.
  • Responsible for monthly commercial tenants statements
  • Responsible for depositing all commercial tenants’ check, receipts and posting on a daily basis.
  • Reconcile monthly sales tax liability and process payments
  • Responsible for monthly owner distributions based on excess cash calculations
  • Reconcile bank accounts on a monthly basis to ensure balances are accurate for cash
    flow management
  • Reserves calculations and approval by Owner
  • Reserves deposits on a monthly basis
  • Responsible for providing year-end financial to client’s Tax accountant for annual tax
    returns and assist with any questions / issues.
  • Responsible for distributing 1099’s to vendors
  • Responsible for preparing year end CAM reconciliations for all commercial tenants in
    compliance with leasing agreement

We are responsible for providing a professional and accurate financial package on a quarterly basis to owners / investors to include but not limited to the following:

  • Operations summary / Management Reports
  • Balance Sheet / P & L statement
  • Aging Reports
  • Current Rent Roll