Universal Properties Management USA


Universal Properties Management USA specializes in the management of commercial properties throughout the State of Florida. Our philosophy is to build long lasting relationships based on confidence and consistent positive results. With 18 years of experience, our team of professionals work closely with owner/clients to develop a detail focused plan to achieve the optimum financial and operational objective of the assignment. We strive to offer you a very personalized, responsive approach with attention to details which will satisfy your needs and requirements along with improvements for the daily management of your properties. We are currently trusted advisors and managers of 28 commercial properties, approximately more than 500,000 square feet of commercial real estate. Our team has extensive knowledge on diverse portfolio management and is fully trained to meet your needs.

Universal Properties provides portfolio management, property management, and research for owners/investors.  We provide our clients with extensive background in property performance, tenants management, financial analysis and reporting, construction management, tenant services, lease negotiations with national, regional, and local  tenants, assistance in preparation of lease agreements, cash flow, annual budget, Year End CAM reconciliation, insurance negotiations,  and  property taxes. Also, our experience includes analysis and evaluation of commercial properties for capital investments and returns.

Why Choose Us:


Strong working relationships with national large and small tenants and retailers is unparalleled, allowing us to sustain high occupancy rates


Building tenant satisfaction contributes to tenant retention and provides opportunity to maximize return and asset value


Ownership mentality resulting from over 20 years of operating and owning commercial properties


Proven solutions to maximize property value and income


Complete management services in a cost efficient manner offer our clients an overall peace of mind for their investments


In-house architectural/engineering knowledge and capabilities for any type of tenant improvements and repairs


Cutting-edge technology that supports marketing, management, and financial reporting


Superior and unrivaled service to our valued clients